September 2018

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ETFs -S&P 500 ETF vs DOw Jones ETF?

The exchange traded funds (ETF) that track the S&P 500 Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) are some most widely traded ETFs in the market today. Both ETFs have essentially the same amount of risk associated with them. The Dow ETF tracks only 30 companies,1 whereas the S&P ETF tracks all 500 of the S&P 500, making the fund more diversified than the Dow.2 As a result, the… Read More »ETFs -S&P 500 ETF vs DOw Jones ETF?

Compare Small Cap to Large for Risk..

Although small-cap stocks are considered riskier investments than large-cap stocks, enough small-cap stocks are offering excellent growth potential and high potential returns on equity to warrant their inclusion in the holdings of all but the most conservative investors. KEY TAKEAWAYSSmall-cap stocks tend to grow at faster rates than their large-cap counterparts.They can also lose profit more quickly due to their size.Large-cap customer bases are by definition larger, and so small-caps… Read More »Compare Small Cap to Large for Risk..