Why Invest In Gold

Gold is respected throughout the world for its value and rich history, which has been interwoven into cultures for thousands of years. Coins containing gold appeared around 800 B.C., and the first pure gold coins were struck during the rein of King Croesus of Lydia about 300 years later. Throughout the centuries, people have continued to hold gold for various reasons. Societies, and now economies, have placed value on gold,… Read More »Why Invest In Gold

Hedge Funds – Higher returns or just higher fees?

Unlike mutual funds, hedge fund managers actively manage investment portfolios with a goal of absolute returns regardless of the overall market or index movements. They also conduct their trading strategies with more freedom than a mutual fund, typically avoiding registration with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). There are two basic reasons for investing in a hedge fund: to seek higher net returns (net of management and performance fees) and/or… Read More »Hedge Funds – Higher returns or just higher fees?